ReferNet Spain produces different types of deliverables: reports, publications, news ... On this page you can access products delivered since 2016 as well as some deliverables from previous years.


VET in Europe Reports

VetInEurope.pngVET in Europe Reports offer foreign readers a brief but comprehensive and coherent picture of education and vocational training (VET) in Spain, placing it in the socio-economic context of the country. The content follows fixed guidelines set for all ReferNet members in order to guarantee the homogeneity of all the countries' reports. The topics deal with those issues which are considered useful to understand the role and status of VET in the educational and training system of each country from the perspective of lifelong learning, as well as its relevance and interaction with the labour market.

VET in Europe: country report: Spain 2018pdf 

La formación profesional en España 2018 (Spanish version))pdf


Previous reports

You can access the reports produced by ReferNet Spain in previous years in English. Some of them are also available in Spanish.

  • Vocational training in Europe: National Report: Spain 2016

  • Vocational training in Europe: National Report: Spain 2014

  • Vocational training in Europe: National Report: Spain 2013

  • Vocational training in Europe: National Report: Spain 2012

  • Vocational training in Europe: National Report: Spain 2011

  • Vocational training in Europe: National Report: Spain 2010


Thematic reports

The thematic perspectives series deals with various complementary topics related to vocational training and the labour market, which are available on the Cedefop website.

This report aims to identify at enablers and disablers of long-term cross-country mobility of apprentices in Europe, at two levels, framework level (external factors to apprenticeships) and apprenticeship system/scheme design level, and how they operate. It is part of a series on the challenges of implementing the ErasmusPro initiative, which seeks to increase long-term (3-12 months) mobility abroad for vocational education and training (VET) learners.
International mobility in apprenticeships: focus on long-term mobility: Spain International mobility in apprenticeships: focus on long-term mobility: Spain

Report on the specific initiatives and schemes carried out by Spain to ensure that initial vocational training and training for employment systems meet the demands for skills arising from digitalisation, automation and new technologies, and on the use of these technologies to facilitate new forms of learning.
Vocational education and training for the future of work: Spain Vocational education and training for the future of work: Spain

Report on measures aimed at young people over 16 not in education, employment or training and to long-term unemployed adults so they can re-engage in learning and employment. It is part of the series of reports on the efforts made by Member States to help vulnerable groups affected by unemployment and inactivity.
Guidance and outreach for inactive and unemployed: Spain Guidance and outreach for inactive and unemployed - Spain

This report is based on the analysis of the Spanish data gathered by Cedefop’s Opinion Survey on vocational education and training in Europe, in contrast to European data. It is structured around four topics: Awareness and knowledge of VET; Attractiveness and access, Experience and satisfaction; and Outcomes and effectiveness.
Cedefop opinion survey on vocational education and training in Europe: Spain Cedefop opinion survey on vocational education and training in Europe: Spain;

Previous reports

You can access the reports produced by ReferNet Spain in previous years in English.



Reporting on VET policy developments by the ReferNet national teams is the main source of the Cedefop periodic progress report on VET policy for the European Commission.



NationalNewsOnVet.pngRefernet Spain submits news on relevant issues related to VET and employment and the labour market in our country, which are shared through the Cedefop website. Since 2016 the following news have been published, available in their original version in English and some translated into Spanish.

  • Spain: upskilling and reskilling in the tourism industry. July 2021

  • Spain - more than three million workers eligible to validate their skills. June 2021

  • Spain: Training opportunities for jobs in the local economy. April 2021

  • Spain: Lessons from online training in companies. July 2020

  • Spain: An unexpected challenge for VET in Europe 2020. June 2020

  • Spain - Millions of students at home: meeting the challenge of virtual learning during the pandemic. April 2020

  • Spain - Promotion of training in digital skills for workers. February 2020

  • Spain - new measures to support quality vocational training for jobs. November 2019

  • Spain - improving youth opportunities: the 2019 Action plan for youth employment. November 2019

  • Spain - Skills anticipation and future sectoral training needs: outlook and challenges. May 2019

  • Spain - New steps to boost VET. February 2019

  • Spain - Basque country VET innovation offers good practices for future employment. Septembre 2018

  • Spain - VET takes the lead in the Ministry of Education. September 2018

  • Spain - Valencia reaches out to VET students and companies. May 2018

  • Spain - Targeting higher Erasmus VET mobility participation. May 2018

  • Spain - dual VET gaining pace. March 2018

  • Spain - companies training their employees rising to more than 75%. March 2018

  • Spain - More funds and support for VET in the regions. March 2018

  • Spain - promoting digital skills for young people. October 2017

  • Spain - common digital competence framework for teachers. October 2017

  • Spain - Youth guarantee system stimulus. September 2017

  • Spain - OECD stresses benefits of education on employment. January 2017

  • Spain - PICE programme for youth employment. January 2017

  • Spain - extending active employment policies. January 2017

  • Spain - new techniques for skills anticipation: big data. January 2017

  • Spain - new initiatives for young adults. June 2016

  • Spain - decreasing trend in early school leaving. April 2016


Mobility Scoreboard

The Mobility Scoreboard for IVET is a tool for assisting policy-making in the broad area of international learning mobility in IVET. It is intended for EU level and national level policy-makers; VET institutions; mobility agencies; companies involved in mobility; guidance institutions; staff involved in organising mobility activities; IVET learners and their organisations; experts; researchers; and the wide public.

ReferNet partnership has been key in the compilation of its information.

To access the scoreboard database, click the database

Spotlight on VET

Short publication, based on the contributions of national ReferNet partners, which summarizes the main characteristics, challenges and developments of national VET systems. It is aimed at those readers who need a concise introduction to the education and vocational training system of a specific country.

Spotlight on VET Spain 2019folleto de Cedefop

Spotlight on VET Spain 2020folleto de Cedefop

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